What is Duke’s refrigeration and cooling equipment?

Duke has a reputation for quality refrigeration products, so it’s no surprise that its refrigeration systems are among the best in the industry.

According to the company’s website, its refrigerant system is designed to handle the temperature of the room, allowing it to achieve a “perfectly balanced heat flow.”

This makes it the ideal choice for cooling rooms with a high air flow.

But the company has struggled to deliver on its promise of a 100 percent airtight system.

The company recently announced it would be shutting down its refrigerated refrigeration units in 2019, a move that has been criticized by some as being too slow.

The move has also come with its own set of challenges, including a massive recall of its products, as well as a massive overhaul of the company.

A spokesperson for Duke told The Verge that the company is in the process of reviewing the recall and will provide a statement to the press when it does.

“We’re taking a hard look at the whole situation and working through the processes and the systems that were put in place,” the spokesperson said.

In addition to its refrigerating products, Duke has been a key supplier of equipment to other companies in the space.

Its cooling equipment can handle temperatures as high as 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, or 4,500 Celsius, according to the spokesperson.

In 2018, the company announced plans to expand its cooling systems to include a larger refrigerator and freezer, as a way to cut down on waste.

Duke has also been working to get its refrigerators and cooling systems out to the market.

It announced the launch of its first refrigerated cooling unit in the United Kingdom in 2017, and it plans to ship its first cooling units in 2018.

Duke’s future is unclear, but we’re looking forward to hearing more about the company and its upcoming products.

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