Watch as Lancer refrigerators arrive in Australia

In an era when Australians can now watch football on a tablet and use a smartwatch as their primary means of entertainment, they are increasingly being asked to plug their refrigerators into the internet.

In a bid to improve efficiency, the Lancer, a $30m refrigeration and power system manufacturer, has introduced an innovative system which enables its refrigeration units to be connected to the internet in order to stream the game live from a mobile phone.

The Lancer said the technology would allow it to stream game footage and game-related content to its customers at home or on the go, while also ensuring the company could stream the latest video content to mobile devices.

“The technology is currently in use on the Lancers systems, and we believe this will enable the company to stream live video to any device,” Lancer chief executive Mike Pinder said.

“This will be achieved via the Lantronix, Lancer’s cloud-based streaming platform.”

The Lantrons platform allows for live streaming to a mobile device, which is then sent to the user via an HDMI connection to stream to their TV or mobile device.

The system is based on a “bundled video” technology called HLS, which allows the company’s refrigeration systems to share video data between them.

This enables them to stream content from their Lantronic products to a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop.

“We are working closely with the Lantis and their customers to provide this solution,” Mr Pinder told ABC News.”HLS is a fully integrated solution, and that means we have no choice but to include it in the HLS solution.”

The new technology is based around a set of hardware and software modules called Lantronics HLS processors.

The modules have to run on top of an existing hardware setup, which can be customised to support different operating systems and use different processors.

Lantronic is one of the largest refrigeration manufacturers in the world, and the company has been working with the government to support the Australian public health sector with the development of this technology.

The government is also funding a $3.5m pilot project to help improve the effectiveness of the Hantronics technology and provide a more efficient way to store refrigeration waste.