The Worst of Season 3: The Best of Season 4

The Season 3 finale of The Flash aired last night and I’m sure you’re all thinking “What the heck happened to Season 4?”.

Well, it seems as though that is exactly what is happening. 

The episode, titled “The Last Stand”, features Barry, Iris, and Wally going back in time to see if the Reverse-Flash was really dead and killed, only to discover that the Reverse Flash has actually been alive and well since the show started.

The episode also features the Reverse’s return, and that was kind of the whole point of the episode. 

It was supposed to be a big reveal of what had happened to the Reverse after the events of “Flashpoint”, and in order to do that, Barry was going to go back in and stop him.

So the Reverse actually returned to Earth, killed the Flash, and then Barry was supposed not to be able to stop him from doing it.

This is all very confusing, because we know that the timeline Barry was trying to change back was the timeline that existed at the beginning of the season. 

So why are we seeing this exact same Reverse-flash again?

Well, we do know that Wally has become Barry’s adoptive father. 

We also know that Barry is back in “the past”, meaning he’s not just going back to the present in order for his timeline to be preserved.

This also explains why Wally’s timeline doesn’t exactly match up to Barry’s. 

For instance, Wally’s alternate timeline was more similar to Barry in the past than it was to Barry at the present.

So it would make sense that Wally would go back to “the future”, as well. 

In the episode, Wally also gives Barry his glasses back. 

This was probably to show that Barry still has a bit of hope, that maybe this Reverse-spoiler can be avoided.

It’s also interesting that Barry didn’t actually go back at all, but just in time for the Reverse to return. 

I don’t know about you, but I always wanted to see a Reverse-Spoilers episode.

There’s also a new Reverse-face, and it’s a little bit of a surprise that it didn’t involve Barry being kidnapped by Reverse-Doom. 

But yeah, the Reverse really did do it. 

If you’ve ever seen the Flash episode “The Way of the Superior Flash”, then you know that it’s not the first time the Reverse has done something like this. 

And the Reverse had done it in “The Flash”, too. 

Well, you can’t say we didn’t give them the idea of going back, right?

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