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When are refrigeration plants going to stop operating?

By Alex VlasicOctober 10, 2018–The future of refrigeration in the United States is set to change, but for now, it’s a question of when.

The latest news is that a new federal government agency is set up to oversee and manage the refrigeration industry.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will oversee the refrigerating and waste treatment industries, with the hope that it can help to bring down costs, ease pollution and improve the health of Americans.

“We know that we can’t completely eliminate all the things that we do in refrigeration.

But we can make it a lot more efficient, and I think that is something that people have been wanting for a long time,” said Dr. Charles Lipscomb, the director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, which is responsible for regulating the refrigerators and other facilities used to heat food.

“We’re also working on improving the safety of the products we make.

So we’re trying to help people who use refrigerators or other products that are made with these materials to stay safe and not make the same mistake as we did.”

The new agency, the Food and Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, is set for a vote on Thursday in the Senate.

The legislation, which passed the House of Representatives last week, requires the FDA to have an office in each of the federal departments that regulates food.

In addition, it requires the agency to appoint a senior official who will oversee and report directly to the president on the FSMA’s functions and to develop a plan to strengthen the agency’s oversight.

The agency must also establish a process for the public to submit comments on the proposed FSMA.

A group of leading food safety advocates and food companies are pushing the bill, which has been introduced in both chambers of Congress and is expected to pass the House.

The FSMA has been under the control of the USDA since the mid-2000s.

That is the period when refrigerators became the biggest health threat to the nation.

In the last two years, the FDA has cracked down on the refrigerant industry, leading to hundreds of thousands of food recalls and thousands of illnesses.

The agency has been criticized for some of its actions, such as issuing a “warning” in 2017 about a popular brand of non-HFC-104 refrigerant.

But it also has stepped up enforcement of federal food safety laws, such that the agency has had to remove several of its most important rules.

The new FSMA is the result of months of intense lobbying by the industry, which argues that it is being targeted by a rogue food safety agency that has overstepped its authority.

“The FSMAs actions have been an extraordinary success in addressing the concerns of the food safety community.

They have significantly reduced the amount of food in the food supply that is potentially hazardous to human health,” said Alex Sosnowski, the president and CEO of the American Beverage Association.

“And they have made an impact on the food system in terms of the number of recalls and the food waste.”

The bill is a response to a bipartisan bill, the Safer Food Safety Modernizations Act of 2018, which was introduced in the House and passed by the Senate last month.

The House version of the bill was amended to make it easier for the FDA, which currently has a five-person food safety team, to make decisions on food safety and health issues.

The FDA has not said when it will issue final regulations for the new FSMs.

The FDA said in a statement last month that the FDA will “work to finalize FSMA rules and other regulations by the end of October 2020, with public comment period beginning on July 25, 2021.”