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How to tell if your refrigerator test equipment is safe

A refrigeration testing company is selling a brand-new unit that can tell if a new refrigeration unit is safe to use.

The test unit measures the moisture level of a fridge and shows if it is too wet or too dry.

It’s part of a new $20,000 refrigeration kit from Dyson.

You can test your fridge, too.

In the video, you can see a Dyson unit that has been put in the freezer.

It measures the amount of moisture in the air and shows that the refrigerator is too dry or too wet.

Dyson also sells a new fridge-to-freezer test kit, which measures the same things as the refrigeration tests but measures a refrigerator’s moisture level in the first place.

And if your test unit doesn’t show any signs of a problem, you should keep using it.

This new test unit can tell whether or not your fridge is a safe model to use and will also give you tips for using it properly.

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