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When you don’t have a refrigerator, how do you avoid having to use it?

The Lad is the first radio broadcast from the new Lad facility in Saskatoon.

(Supplied: Saskatoon)The Lad is part of Saskatoon’s ongoing bid to create an entirely new radio station.

It was first announced in June.

The announcement was made as the city unveiled the new $3.5-billion new radio and TV station, which will take over the FM broadcasting of CBC’s Saskatoon Morning.

The new station is expected to be ready for broadcast in 2019.

The Lad will take its name from the Lad Bridge, a scenic waterway in Sasks.

city that connects the city’s west and east halves.

The Lad Bridge was built in 1905 to connect the city to the North Saskatchewan River.CBC News has requested an interview with Saskatoon Mayor Derek Fildebrandt about the announcement.

The city released a statement saying, “We are thrilled to announce the new radio network in Sasko.”

We are excited to announce that we are going to have a new radio program and the new broadcast station.

We are so pleased to be in the right place, with the right people, with a very exciting new direction for Saskatoon.

“The new radio stations will be part of a $3-billion plan to modernize Saskatoon and add new programming.CBC Saskatoon will also begin broadcasting from a new, $20 million radio facility, called Saskatoon Station.

That station will be open for the next year.

The new Lad radio station will also take over CBC’s local station in the city.

The network will begin broadcasting with CBC’s Morning Edition, but the station’s new broadcast partner will be a new Saskatoon-based radio station called Sasko Radio, which was launched earlier this year.CBCNews is calling on the City of Saskataweg to approve the Lad project.

The city’s mayor says the Lad’s announcement comes after months of work and a strong response from the public.

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