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A new way to store food in the Philippines

A startup has announced plans to provide a solution for Filipino food manufacturers to store and transport their goods safely in a safe way, and to offer it at a lower price than traditional food packaging.

In a blog post titled Food Storage & Processing in the Pacific: A New Way to Store & Process Food in the PH, the company, Aquila, said it has teamed up with three local food processors, and has developed an automated refrigeration and storage solution.

“This is a technology that can be implemented in just a few months, if it is deployed on a small scale,” Aquila’s CEO and cofounder, David Abrantes, said in the blog post.

“This will enable Filipinos to store, process, and transport fresh and chilled food for a much longer period of time.”

Abrantes and his colleagues said the solution will be used by Filipino manufacturers to avoid the risk of food spoilage, as well as to provide food to people who cannot afford to buy it.

Abrants said the company is already planning to roll out the system on a larger scale, including in Singapore and Hong Kong, before the end of this year.

“We hope to bring this solution to other markets as well,” he said.

“The Philippines is a growing market for this technology, so we have to be ready.”

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The ring was made by a company in the Netherlands that manufactures ringlets for brides.

(Photo by James Wong/Reuters)In a press release, Aquilas chief executive officer, John Pappas, said the startup was currently seeking investors.

The company said it is currently focused on expanding its business and helping Filipinos in the country to store their food.

“As a startup, we do not have the resources or the capital to be able to build this solution ourselves,” Papp as told Reuters in the release.

“However, with the help of some investors, we have started planning our first phase of commercialization.”

“We will bring this technology to more markets and we are ready to help in any way we can to make this happen,” he added.

According to the Aquila website, Aquils products are already in use in countries like Singapore and Taiwan.

In March, Aquilanas founder and CEO, David Baez, said he would also be launching the product on a global scale in the coming weeks.

In Singapore, Aquilla, which is backed by the Singaporean government, said that it was “actively exploring” ways to launch the product.

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