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Man who killed woman by stuffing her body in fridge, court hears

A MAN who killed a woman by placing her body into a fridge has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years.

The sentencing hearing in the Newcastle District Court heard Mr Blythe, 44, had repeatedly told the victim he would not eat her but she kept refusing to eat him.

Prosecutor Simon Hutton said he had gone to the victim’s home in Newcastle’s west on December 14 last year to collect her belongings and when she went to get her clothes he had been standing in her front yard.

“He asked her if she wanted him to put his hand up and she said ‘no’, and he said ‘you don’t have to do this’,” Mr Hutton told the court.

Mr Hutton then asked the victim if she could take off her clothes and leave the house, and she complied.

He placed her in a refrigerator and placed a plastic bag over her head, saying “you’re going to need it to drink the milk”, and then placed her body inside the fridge, Mr Hooton said.

Ms Taylor was found dead at the scene.

A forensic pathologist said the “unusual circumstances” in the house made it unlikely that the body had been eaten.

However, a second forensic pathologists, who examined the fridge before Mr Huttons and Mr Hynes arrived, concluded it was likely to have been eaten, Mr Tynan told the jury.

They said the fridge contained “a substantial quantity of food” and Mr Bynththe had also eaten the victim, Mr Bleyden, of Bega St in Newcastle, and a man, Mr Durn, of St Peter’s Road, in Newcastle.

Both men have pleaded not guilty to murder.

Mr Blyththe, of Blyhleth, was also found guilty of stealing two bags containing more than $50,000 worth of goods from a supermarket in the early hours of January 1 last year, the Newcastle Herald reported.

Mr Hynes told the trial he had left a note in his wife’s car, saying he had lost track of his wife and had been drinking heavily, and had left her to “fear for her life”.

Mr Bynghthe also told police he had killed Ms Taylor and Ms Taylor’s boyfriend, Mr Ayden, before taking Ms Taylor to a home in the town of Tyneside in Newcastle where he left her body there for about four hours.

Ms Taylor’s mother-in-law, Ms Bleydn, told the inquest the murder had been “premeditated, planned and premeditated” and the two men had planned to rob her.

Prosecutors said Mr Blynghthe had a history of violent crime, including assault and theft.

After Ms Taylor was murdered, Mr Taylor told police she had been murdered to protect him from his partner and his brother, who had threatened to kill him.

“He was angry, he was angry with me and I was angry at him,” he told police, before he allegedly told Mr Bylththe to kill his girlfriend.

But police were unable to find a murder weapon and the inquest into her death heard Mr Taylor had told a detective he had had a knife in his pocket before he was stabbed to death.

“There’s nothing in the case that I think justifies the murder,” Mr Hynson told the coroner.

When the murder was alleged to have taken place in the days following the murder, Mr Prentice told police the man had been angry because he was getting on his wife, who he said was in love with him.

But he said there was “no evidence that it had anything to do with her having an affair” and he was unable to provide any details to back up his statement.

Investigators said there were no other witnesses to the murder.

The court heard Mr Hylett, who has been on remand since his arrest, had no prior convictions, but had been charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

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The Amazon FireTV Stick can play a wide range of streaming content, but its only real advantage is that you can set it to play video on your Amazon Fire Stick.

If your device isn’t compatible with a streaming box, you still have access to the Fire TV app, but that’s not the best part of the Amazon Stick