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Refrigeration Equipment: What You Need To Know

By far the most common question I get asked is, “What should I do with my fridge?”

If you’re like me, you have a few different options to consider.

Some of them may sound like the same thing, but they’re not.

For example, you can purchase a refrigeration service to do everything from keeping your home safe from the elements to providing a safe haven from your pet.

Or you can simply put all of your fridge needs in one big fridge.

However, there are so many other choices you can make, so here’s a look at what to consider when you’re shopping for a refrigerator.

Why the microwave may be making you sick

The microwave may have been responsible for causing a deadly outbreak of SARS coronavirus, according to an investigation by Medical News Now.

The investigation, published Tuesday, found that the microwave in question has caused health problems at the Houston area restaurants it is installed in.

While it is not clear whether the illnesses have anything to do with the microwave itself, the investigation also suggests that microwave ovens at many locations were being used for other purposes.

At one Houston restaurant, one of the locations that had the microwave installed, employees were using the microwave as a heating system for the refrigerator.

At the other locations, microwave oven used for cooking was in use.

An investigation by MNN’s health reporter, Emily Bazelon, suggests that some of the illnesses that are linked to the microwave were caused by a variety of health problems, including dehydration and poor sanitation.

Bazelon writes that some workers in some of those restaurants had been complaining of respiratory illnesses for months and that some were hospitalized.

In some cases, employees of those locations had contracted pneumonia.

One employee at a New York City restaurant reported that he had become ill after drinking a can of iced tea that had been brought in from China.

He reported the symptoms to his manager, who said he didn’t know what to do, Bazelons investigation found.

Another employee at another Houston restaurant reported having become ill while washing dishes, after eating a food with MSG, which has been linked to SARS.

A third person in that same Houston restaurant had developed a respiratory infection while working in a microwave oven, but did not know why, because he had not eaten anything while washing his hands, the report said.

More to come…

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