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‘I’m still here’: Amish woman who fled to Canada in 2012 says she is still alive

The Amish are one of the few groups to survive the Great Migration, which has seen millions of Amish leave their homes and move to Canada.

But some Amish have not been able to find a way to return to their communities and communities are facing the loss of their traditional ways of life.

The Amish women, who are living in small towns and rural areas, say they have seen the consequences of this migration, but the situation is changing, and there is hope for them.

They also say there is a chance that Canada might accept their applications for permanent residence and allow them to remain in Canada.

“I’m very hopeful because they have the right to be here, and they’ve been accepted by Canada, but they still have a chance,” said Brenda Gertz, a local elder.

“And we’re going to make sure that they can come back here, that they have access to everything that they need.”

So they’ve got to be willing to make that transition.

“The Amishes migrated to Canada after a century of persecution, when the European settlers moved into the country and forced them to convert to Catholicism.

But the Amish resisted, and over time, their religion was gradually brought into the mainstream.

Canada, along with a number of other European nations, welcomed the Amishes in the 1950s, when it created the Canada Border Services Agency.

But it was not until the 1970s that Amish groups began to leave the communities that had been established by the settlers.

Gertz said the Amash were forced to move from their traditional communities to the larger communities in the area.”

Because they couldn’t live with their families, they had to leave, and we were forced into the communities,” she said.”

We couldn’t stay together because of the separation of church and state.

“But the communities, which were often remote and poor, remained in contact with the community.”

Amish communities in this area were very much connected with each other, but there was a separation of government, church and the community,” Gerts said.

And in recent years, the communities have been struggling to find places to live.”

They’ve been looking for places to go to and the only thing that we could find was a community that was really remote,” she added.

But Brenda Girdz, who lives in the town of St. Joseph, says the AmISH have been given hope, and she believes Canada is finally taking their request seriously.”

Canada, as far as I know, has accepted Amish requests, and the Amshish are allowed to stay here, but we have to wait until they receive their requests for permanent residency,” she explained.”

But I believe Canada is ready to accept our applications, and to allow them [the Amish] to stay.