New Mexico’s dairy refrigerating equipment could help revive endangered fish stocks

NEW MEXICO — A new dairy refrigerated equipment could provide the answer to the nation’s fishing industry, after researchers at the University of New Mexico found that the equipment could potentially help revive threatened native fish stocks.

Scientists from the university’s Center for Conservation Biology have developed a dairy-grade refrigeration system that can reduce the amount of contaminants entering the ocean and help improve the health of fisheries.

The system was developed by researchers at New Mexico State University, the University at Buffalo and the University Center for Environmental Science and Technology.

It is the first of its kind, said Michael M. Schoenhamer, associate director for the university Center for Science and Innovation.

“It is an environmentally sustainable system that is designed to increase the ability of fish to maintain their own health and quality of life,” he said.

The equipment is a hybrid of traditional refrigeration systems, which use ice and water to freeze fish.

The new refrigeration method uses saltwater to freeze the fish and then saltwater and oxygen to bring it back to a boil.

The scientists tested the system on fish from the Mid-Atlantic Atlantic and Atlantic Basin.

The system works with marine-based fish like trout, herring, bluefish and mahi mahi.

It can also use commercial-grade saltwater for the fish to keep them warm and healthy.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the New Mexico Department of Environmental Quality, the Bureau of Reclamation and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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