Kintera fridge equipment has been hacked

Kinteras refrigeration unit has been attacked and it has been hijacked by an unknown person.

The attack took place on December 15 and was carried out by the group called “Kintera-hackers”, a hacking group linked to the Islamic State.

The group said the hack was carried by an individual with the username “Bazooka” and was aimed at taking over the unit.

The Kinteran company has already said the incident was a result of “internal security issues”, and it plans to repair the damage.

However, this is not the first time Kinterans refrigeration system has been targeted.

In January, an unknown individual broke into the refrigeration units of several Kinteragas restaurants and then posted a video online showing him hacking the equipment.

In March, a group of hackers attacked a Kinterakt refrigerated unit in the city of Zagreb.

The Kinterazet refrigerator unit had a software patch on it which allowed them to hack the unit remotely, and this was a part of the security system of the refrigerated units.

The hackers had to be stopped after the owners of the unit informed the security services of the incident.

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