How the US is building a new war bunker

US troops are being trained to fight in a new US war bunker, a move that is drawing criticism from the Iraqi government.

In a statement on Thursday, the US Department of Defense confirmed the training exercise had taken place in Iraq, and said that soldiers had been assigned to the site and were being trained in how to operate and maintain the bunker.

“We’re training US forces to operate, maintain and secure the new war shelter,” the statement said.

The statement did not say whether the training was aimed at Iraqi forces, or to other countries.

The announcement comes after the US Army announced on Monday that it had conducted a joint military exercise in the western Iraqi province of Diyala with the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) leaders have expressed their support for the operation, saying the new bunker is needed to fight IS militants and protect the region.

The operation is being conducted in the Sinjar area, which has been under the control of IS for years.

The US and Iraqi governments are expected to sign a security agreement this week that will allow the US to use the facility in Mosul.