FourFour Two – Diamond refrigeration Equipment

FourFourOne has launched its new diamond refrigerating product.

The product, which is made from aluminium and copper and is known as Diamond-Flex, features a high-grade glass base and a copper-based coating to give it a premium appearance.

Diamond Flex is made of an alloy of copper, aluminium and zinc and is used to protect diamond-containing equipment.

FourFourOne said it wanted to offer its products at a price point where customers can afford them.

“Diamond Flex has been a key factor in helping us to establish ourselves as a leading diamond manufacturer,” the retailer said.

Customers can expect to pay $250 for the Diamond Flex product, up from $125 earlier this year.

It said the price of the Diamond-flex product was set based on its use in the diamond industry.

Dollar Store customers can also expect to see a 20 per cent discount on the Diamond Flex product, with customers buying it for $30.

When Diamond Flex was first launched, FourFourThree said it expected it to sell between 500,000 and 500,500 units a year.

FourFourFive reported its first quarterly results in January this year and revenue was up 10 per cent to $7.3 million.

Its share price rose more than 60 per cent over the same period.

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