A rare sighting of a rare sighting in New Jersey: A large-bodied refrigeration unit at a recycling plant in New Brunswick

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — A rare glimpse of a large-bore refrigeration machine at a New Brunswick recycling plant led to the evacuation of two employees Wednesday.

The company is located at a warehouse off the Main Street Bridge in Bergen, where it has been processing large quantities of household items.

The New Brunswick Fire Department was called to the warehouse at about 2:30 p.m. to find out what was going on.

Fire Chief Mark Koller said the company’s warehouse is part of a network of warehouses and distribution facilities that includes several large warehouses in New York, California and Massachusetts.

One of those warehouses is the New Brunswick Consolidated Refrigeration Equipment Co. (NCRECO), located at the Bergen warehouse.

The fire department told CBS News that the facility’s owner, the Burlington-based company that owns the facility, did not want to give an exact address.

Koller says the owners told the fire department that the owner of the warehouse had recently purchased the equipment from the company and that it would be dismantled.

We were able to get a hold of a person who owns the warehouse, who told us that they had been working with the owner to move it and that there was no other facility that they could use for this purpose.

The Burlington-owned facility is located on the Berglund Industrial Corridor and has about 1,500 employees.

Koller says it’s likely the facility will remain closed while the owner makes repairs to the facility.

Kelsey Williams is the director of the New Jersey Division of Emergency Management and Emergency Services.

She says there are about 200 refrigeration plants in the state.

She said about 100 of those have refrigeration units and many more have equipment for storage.

The NJFD also says that about 40 people are working in the facility at the moment.

Williams says the owner has not yet notified her of the fire.

She was not able to identify the workers involved.

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